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About Us

SEER Translation Software is the leading provider of bilingual software and services for English Spanish document translation and Computer Aided Language Learning (CALL). Our customers include individuals, school districts, universities, community colleges, businesses, professional translation firms, churches, government and non-profit organizations. We have offices in North America, Mexico and Central America. SEER products are available in other parts of the world through the internet or local distributors and resellers.

We are 100% focused on the English Spanish language pair allowing us to deliver superior products because we thoroughly address the unique nuances of both languages. By concentrating on this language pair, we are recognized by numerous international translation organizations as having the superior machine translation engine for the English Spanish language pair.

The SEER products utilize leading edge technologies that are the result of over fifteen years of research and development in linguistic oriented software development. It includes the world’s largest digital database of English Spanish translations, words, phrases, conjugations, and expressions, and the world’s only Interactive Computer Aided Translator (ICAT) with “Text-in-Context” language translation and “Interactive Grammar Definition”. This unique and innovative language translation technology serves two purposes. It allows for more precise translations and helps language learners more quickly master sentence and grammar structure.

Click here to see and hear an online product demonstration.

Thanks to our advisory board of teachers, self-learners and professional translators, we have applied this leading edge technology in innovate and remarkable ways to develop products that dramatically make life easier for our clients.

Our products are used by anyone who needs to refresh, develop or teach communication skills in a second language. Native English speakers needing to communicate with Spanish speakers and native Spanish speakers needing to communicate with English speakers are our target market. Our flagship product, SEER Complete, is a comprehensive and versatile language learning and communication resource that can be personalized to serve as a 24/7 mentor and personal translation assistant.

Both monolingual and bilingual Spanish and English speakers use SEER, but in very different ways. The SEER product is bidirectional and bilingual and can be changed in either language of the user interfaces with the click of a mouse. SEER is not curriculum software. Our language learning theory is based on syntax, sentence structure and context. SEER does this by always matching syntax, context, and meaning for individual words or phrases with in the language pair. The Language Reference resources assist with vocabulary, spelling, grammar, verb conjugation, idiomatic expressions, and pronunciation. The SEER English Spanish Translator translates text or complete documents and also helps in language learning by defining sentence structure. The unique design of the SEER Translator enables users to interact with the translation process via “parts of speech” options, word selection choices and edit features to produce precise translations. Document Management capabilities make it easy to store, edit and modify translated documents.

Learn How SEER Can Help You

We invite you to learn more about the SEER products, view an online demonstration or download a free trial copy to discover for yourself how this innovative and unique product can dramatically improve your second language communication skills regardless of your current level of English Spanish bilingual proficiency.

Individuals can purchase SEER directly from this web site, or via one of out Resellers. For schools, businesses and government agencies needing to equip a lab, school district or a work force, special packages are available. SEER is also available at a growing list of Immersion Schools who use SEER to enhance the second language learning experience for their clients / students.

We also provide English Spanish Translation Services

We also provide English Spanish translation service assistance to help with in-house translation projects.

If you are interested in learning more about English Spanish language learning and the technical solutions being developed to help accelerate learning we invite you to join our international online community and sign up to receive periodic updates in these areas.



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Find Spanish English Education Resources for learning English and learning Spanish. We offer unique bidirectional interactive computer aided English Spanish translator, Spanish to English Translator, English to Spanish dictionary, Spanish English dictionary and other translation software tools. Now you can translate Spanish to English text, and translate English to Spanish text in the most precise delivery of any English to Spanish text translation software
or manual process. SEER is a valuable tool you can use all your life to learn English, learn Spanish or improve bilingual skills.