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ISETS – Interactive Spanish English Translation Software is a comprehensive and versatile reference resource that will help you if you are teaching or learning English as a Second Language (ESL), preparing for TOEFL or TOEIC, or simply want to improve your English Spanish bilingual skills and learn English or learn Spanish. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner, ISETS is a valuable tool that you will use the rest of your life as you continue to learn English or learn Spanish with the goal of becoming fully bilingual.

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ISETS is the only real English-Spanish bilingual software on planet Earth. It is a true bilingual product that includes the world’s most extensive English to Spanish dictionary and Spanish to English dictionary, and also includes the world’s only Interactive Computer Aided Translator (ICAT).

The ISETS English Spanish dictionary allows you to easily and quickly look up English to Spanish translations of words, synonyms, verb conjugations and idiomatic expressions.

The ISETS English Spanish translator allows you to perform English to Spanish translations and Spanish to English translations of phrases, sentences and whole documents in a way that enhances your ability to learn English and learn Spanish. Instead of looking up phases in books, you can type in exactly what you want to say, translate it and hear the translation. Because the translation software shows how your sentence is being interpreted (i.e. showing you the verbs, nouns, adverbs, etc) you can ensure that your translation is accurate. The result will be a better understanding of sentence structure for English and Spanish.

ISETS helps with vocabulary, spelling, grammar, verb conjugation, idiomatic expressions, pronunciation and language structure.

ISETS is not curriculum software. Our language learning theory is based on syntax, sentence structure and context. In the simplest of terms, communicating from one language to the other means understanding “who or what is doing something or has a relationship to someone or something else”. This uniformity of relational design is done by always matching syntax, context, and meaning for individual words or phrases with in the language pair. The Language Reference Resources help with vocabulary, spelling, grammar, verb conjugation, idiomatic expressions, and pronunciation. The ISETS Translator translates text or complete documents and also helps in language learning by defining sentence structure. The unique design of the Translator enables users to interact with the translation process via “parts of speech” options, word selection choices and edit features to produce precise translations. Document Management capabilities make it easy to store, edit and modify translated documents.

Collectively, the English Spanish dictionary and English Spanish translator make ISETS an invaluable reference resource for anyone studying English as a Second Language, preparing for TOEFL or TOEIC, or wanting to learn English, learn Spanish or improve their existing bilingual skills. ISETS will become your private digital tutor or mentor providing a “training wheels” approach to second language learning. ISETS will provide both immediate assistance plus plenty of opportunities to explore both the English and Spanish language to help perfect your bilingual skills.

Download a free product trial and learn for yourself how SEER can help you.

To download a free trail copy of the English to Spanish dictionary, Spanish to English dictionary, English to Spanish translator, or Spanish to English translator click on the appropriate link.

ISETS includes:

  • An interactive computer aided English Spanish translator with “Text-in-Context” translation and “Interactive Grammar Definition”
  • 600,000 word bilingual English to Spanish dictionary
  • 4 million English Spanish synonyms
  • 2.5 million verb conjugations in 14 different tenses
  • 225,000 English Spanish idiomatic expressions
  • Instant Access from Word, email, web browser and other programs
  • Audio with ability to customize voice with gender and accents
  • Online User Manual and User Interface in both English and Spanish

For more information about ISETS, click here. To view an online product presentation, click here. Free trial copies of ISETS can be downloaded from this web site and individual copies of ISETS can be purchased online. You can request a free paper on Using ISETS for Language Learning, by sending an email to

What are teacher, students and self-learners saying about ISETS?

“I really enjoyed using the product and was surprised at how truly easy it was to use. I was pretty skeptical as to the accuracy of the translator at first, but after using it, I'm quite pleased with its results. It's obvious that there was some serious efforts put into it.”

“It is not only a translator, it is a full educational resource at your finger tips. Much better than carrying around a bunch of books.”

“Interactive Computer Aided Translation is great and has versatility. It helped me with practice and homework. By seeing how my sentences would be translated properly instead of using my very elementary Spanish and comparing my original translation to the ISETS results was beneficial to me. I liked how it provided choices and allowed the sentences to be edited allowing me to make the translation as accurate as possible.”

“The Dictionary makes the task of looking up translations much quicker than a physical dictionary book. It is fast, your hand.”

ISETS benefited the learning and teaching activities tremendously. Students were engaged in an intricate yet easy learning process. They did not have to rely on their teacher, or dictionaries to translate.”

ISETS has been a very valuable resource in my classroom. My students who will test in English used ISETS for working on their verbs and contractions. The higher level students used ISETS for verbs, synonyms, expressions and translations. The Synonyms helped several of my students with their writing. Using the Verb Conjugator students could independently find out how tenses translated and could discover which English verbs were irregular. The children had a great deal of fun with Expression Builder putting in Spanish expressions to see how the English came out. Sometimes there was astonishment and sometimes great glee. They actually asked to work on ISETS.”

“The dictionary and synonyms helped students expand their vocabulary by giving them more options of vocabulary choices when writing essays or short compositions, and the translator is wonderful in helping them understand syntax. The students loved learning idiomatic expressions and they liked trying them out.”

“Both our students and teachers use ISETS for homework as well as schoolwork. It doesn't take up space on old computers which was a big cost saving for us.”

“Verb Conjugation provides very quick reminders on proper conjugation -- better than using a paper dictionary. It helped me better in my translating to find the correct tense to use. Plus it had both the English and Spanish verbs together. I was able to learn more of the verb tenses. I also liked that when I looked up a word in the dictionary I didn't have to retype that word when I went to verbs.”

“Using Synonyms I was able to alter the words chosen and expand my vocabulary. It is much easier and faster than using a paper synonym dictionary.”

“The Expressions was great for helping widening my vocabulary. It helps to make you sound more like a native speaker.”

“For self-learners or people who wish to keep their Spanish current, like myself, it is really an invaluable tool.”

“I really liked the audio features. I am in an English conversation class and it helps me practice the correct pronunciation of words. My teacher noticed my improvement in speaking English and commented on it.”

“This is a very nicely designed product that is of great benefit to students.”

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Find Spanish English Education Resources for learning English and learning Spanish. We offer unique bidirectional interactive computer aided English Spanish translator, Spanish to English Translator, English to Spanish dictionary, Spanish English dictionary and other translation software tools. Now you can translate Spanish to English text, and translate English to Spanish text in the most precise delivery of any English to Spanish text translation software or manual process. ISETS & SEER Interactive Translation Software are valuable tools you can use all your life to learn English, learn Spanish and improve bilingual skills